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Root Your Android Phone In Minutes

How To Unlock Android In Minutes

The current crop of android continue to push the boundaries of technology with more features than ever before; even more amazing is that this astounding power fits in the confines of a phone.  Of course, this comes with the caveat that you’re probably shackled to a specific carrier. This can become frustrating if you experience frequent dropped calls. This issue alone has sent many people to search out how to unlock android phones. When you unlock android phones, you gain the ability to choose any carrier that operates within the frequency of your phone.


Why else would I unlock an android phone?

Once you learn how to unlock an android phone, you open yourself up to some nice features. This is because to unlock an android phone, you will have to gain access to the root system level. To do this, you can use rooting software to help you in unlocking android phones. Once the phone is rooted, it can be made superior to its original condition in the following ways:


  • New keyboards, new languages

After you have rooted your android phone, you have the ability to install new keyboard layouts. From different variations to different languages and character sets, this allows for a truly “global” phone.


  • Forget folders, how about more drives

When you learn how to unlock android phones, you will gain the ability to mount external drives. Imagine loading every mp3 and movie you have in a pocket USB drive and taking them with you wherever you go!


  • More apps than you can shake a stick at

Once you unlock root android operating system access, you can install applications directly. This allows you access to apps outside of the android marketplace, greatly expanding the types of applications you can run on your phone.


So how do I unlock my android phone?

You can unlock your android phone in one of two basic methods; do-it-yourself or use a software package developed by professional programmers with the sole purpose of making unlocking android phones quick and painless.


Method #1: Do-it-yourself

One way of unlocking your android phone will require that you are technically-savvy and understand more than the average user. You’ll need to identify your phone’s current hardware and operating system version. From there, you need to have an understanding of how to safely download file libraries such as .zip and .rar and then unzip them for use.

After you decompress the rooting software, you load it onto the phone. Hopefully the version you used is  compatible with your phone’s specific software version and hardware build. Once you have rooted your android phone, you can unlock your phone. By gaining root level access, you can manually configure your phone for the carrier of your choosing.


Method#2: Connect, click, and you’re done!

Unlike the first method, this method requires far less understanding about the workings of your phone. Simply log onto a website, select your phone, operating system version, buy the software, load it onto your PC, and root your phone to unlock it.


So how would we unlock android phones?

When we’re asked by friends and family how to unlock android phones, we almost always recommend the use of unlocking/rooting software. Because the cost is so low and the process is so easy, there’s really no reason to mess around with the first method. Add the fact that there is a money back guarantee, there really is no better way to unlock your android phone.

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