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How To Root Jelly Bean In Minutes

As the most current android operating system available, Jelly Bean rivals the iPhone IOS for productivity and ease of use. But while it’s a good operating system, in can be made better. If you root Jelly Bean, you can gain access to customization and applications that allow the current build to become arguably the most flexible and powerful phone operating system available. This leaves many users wanting to know how to root Jelly Bean. This guide will explore some of the benefits and installation options for taking Jelly Bean to the next level.


What are the benefits of rooting Jelly Bean?

In addition to being able to use whichever cellular provider you prefer, rooting Jelly Bean will open up a new dimension of functionality for your android phone. Once you root your android Jelly Bean phone, you can improve it in some of the areas discussed below:


  • Loading apps from your SD card

After you gain root level access, you can install applications to your SD card. This frees up system memory and reduces the files the OS has to sift through when performing basic functions. This speeds up your phone creating a more enjoyable user experience.


  • Use the carrier you want

Whether your contract is up, your current carrier has poor customer service, or you just moved to a new area and need better coverage, you can unlock Jelly Bean android phones to work with other carriers.


  • Using folders and mounting drives

After rooting your phone, you’ll be able to mount external drives such as USB drives. You can also explore their file systems and access specific files greatly expanding the power of your android phone.


  • Tons more apps for your phone

When you root your Jelly Bean phone, you can load apps directly. This allows you to run a multitude of apps that are not found in the android marketplace. For developers, this allows you to develop and test apps on your phone resulting in a better tested product than those tested in emulators.


  • Tethering

The biggest cost savings associated with rooting your android phone comes through sharing your phone’s cellular data connection with other devices. Supporting either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tethering if your device has the appropriate hardware, you can turn your android phone into a wireless hotspot and only pay your regular data fees.


How to root Jelly Bean android phones

There are various methods you can use to root your android phone. While there are numerous differences, each solution falls into one of two categories; DIY piecemeal or use professionally developed software.


Method #1: DIY

We refer to this method as piecemeal because users have to grab the pieces and other programs one by one and work it all together on their own. You basically hunt out the files you need, unzip them onto your PC, and execute files in the order specified in the provided “read me”. Hopefully, you’ll have the correct files for the unique hardware and software profile of your phone. If not, a botched attempt could “brick” your phone. The risk and unsupported nature of this method leaves a lot to be desired.


Method#2: Have a pro do it for you

Rather than mess with questionable files, trust the process to professionally developed software. We prefer this method to root Jelly Bean phones because of the predictable results, overall ease of installation, and relatively low risk. When we’re asked how to root Jelly Bean devices, we typically recommend this software because it supports a wide range of phones and operating systems, simple to install, and provides a satisfaction guarantee. If you are looking to enhance the power of your Jelly Bean device, this may be the solution for you.

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