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How To Root Gingerbread Easily

With the largest distribution of any android version, android 2.3-2.3.7 also known as Gingerbread is taking its age in stride. Introduced in 2010, the build is now over 2 years old, but still going strong. Because newer android versions often tax the older hardware on previous generation phones, many users prefer to stay with the older operating systems. The obvious downside is that users miss out on some of the new features. This leads many users to seek out how to root gingerbread. Once you root gingerbread, you open your phone up to a world of benefits. You gain access to many of the features found in later OS releases like Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean, without the slow performance associated with running newer operating systems on older hardware.


So what is rooting?

Rooting is the process of gaining root level access to your phone’s operating system. This is important as it will allow you not only to not only install new features, but also powerful software. Rooting gingerbread will allow your phone to enjoy the following features:


  • Custom ROMs

Because newer OS’s tend to require more resources, one way to get some of their functionality on older hardware without degraded performance is through the use of custom ROMs. Once you root gingerbread, you have access to load custom ROMs that include some of the features found in Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean. With the largest distribution of all android operating systems, custom gingerbread android ROMs are numerous, providing support for many different phone models.


  • Carrier unlock

After you have gained root level access, you can unlock gingerbread OS phones to work on with any carrier who operates on a band supported by your phone’s hardware. If you’re fed up with your carrier’s service or need better coverage, this benefit pays for itself.


  • Tethering

While tethering is outright blocked by some carriers, others still track the usage through the phone because the phone flags the tethered data to be billed separately. With a rooted android phone, you can tether devices without their data traffic being flagged as a tethered connection. This can save you hundreds of dollars in data costs in a year. If you avoided tethering because of the cost previously, this saves you from driving to the nearest coffee shop to bum a Wi-Fi connection. Now you can connect your PC or tablet to your android phone and use its 3g or 4g connection to get back to work!


  • Customize everything about your phone

After you root your gingerbread android phone, you’ll have access to literally every file in the OS. This will allow you to hand code, or use available utilities to manipulate every aspect of your phone’s appearance.


How to root Gingerbread easily

When it comes to a simple and reliable way to root Gingerbread, nothing beats the ease and peace of mind of using professionally developed software. Rather than hunting around the internet aimlessly downloading files of unknown origin with little to no support, we recommend the use of quality software to root Gingerbread. The process is as simple as buying the software, connecting your phone to your pc, and rooting your phone. On top of the ease of use, and great results, the developer also offers a satisfaction guarantee, which means you truly have nothing to lose. If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of fully customized android phones, use this software to root your gingerbread android phone today.

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