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How To Jailbreak Android Quickly and Easily

Once you decide you want to jailbreak your android device, you have multiple ways in which you can complete the task. Before you start, you should understand the basic process for how to jailbreak android devices. Once you know the basic procedure to jailbreak android phones, tablets and other devices, you can make an informed decision as to which method will work best for your application and personal skill level.


Step #1: Identify the software and hardware version of your android device

The first step in how to jailbreak an android device is to know the specific software version and hardware build that your device is using. Because there are so many different models of devices, you will need to refer to the documentation for your specific device. This step is very important, so take the time to ensure you are absolutely certain about the hardware and software version of your android device.


Step #2: Select the proper android jailbreak utility

After you’ve determined the specific hardware and software version of your device, you can search the internet for a utility that supports your specific device, hardware, and software version. As with the first step of the process, this is an important part of how to jailbreak android phones because if you select the wrong utility, you can render your phone useless.


Step #3: Download and install the software

After you’ve located the appropriate software, download it to your computer, scan it for viruses to make sure it doesn’t contain trojans etc., and then install the software package. As with all software installations, a restart is recommended to make sure the software properly initializes on its first launch.


Step #4: Backup your android device

Things can go wrong during the jailbreak process, so it’s a good idea to have your data backed up somewhere for easy retrieval. Use your devices interface to back the files up to the cloud or your pc to ensure you can retrieve them at a later date.


Step #5: Connect your android device to your computer and execute the jailbreak software

If your android device is properly connected to your pc, and you have the correct version of software, you can begin the jailbreak process. Assuming you followed the first 4 steps correctly, there is minimum risk of rendering the device useless. Once you’ve successfully jailbroken your android device, you’re done. If something went wrong, refer to step six for possible solutions.


Step #6: What to do if a jailbreak goes wrong

If your device appears to be running the same as before, connect it to your PC, restore it, and try again. If for some reason your device is locked up, perform a hard reset, and then restore your device through your PC.  If you’re reading this step, you either selected the wrong jailbreak software, got a bad utility, or both.


There’s got to be a better way

There is definitely an easier way to jailbreak android devices. While the DIY method listed above has worked for many, it comes with obvious detractors and for that reason is not what we recommend when someone asks how to jailbreak android devices.

The easiest way we have found to jailbreak an android device is to us a comprehensive software solution. We have found software that makes jailbreaking android devices as easy as 1-2-3.  This software comes with a money-back guarantee making it the safest and easiest way we know to jailbreak your android device.

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