Root Android Phone

Root Your Android Phone In Minutes

How To Unlock Android In Minutes

The current crop of android continue to push the boundaries of technology with more features than ever before; even more amazing is that this astounding power fits in the confines of a phone.  Of course, this comes with the caveat that you’re probably shackled to a specific carrier. This can become frustrating if you experience frequent dropped calls. This issue alone has sent many people to search out how to unlock android phones. When you unlock android phones, you gain the ability to choose any carrier that operates within the frequency of your phone. Continue reading

How To Root Jelly Bean In Minutes

As the most current android operating system available, Jelly Bean rivals the iPhone IOS for productivity and ease of use. But while it’s a good operating system, in can be made better. If you root Jelly Bean, you can gain access to customization and applications that allow the current build to become arguably the most flexible and powerful phone operating system available. This leaves many users wanting to know how to root Jelly Bean. This guide will explore some of the benefits and installation options for taking Jelly Bean to the next level. Continue reading

Why Root Android Phone

With over 300,000,000 android phones sold worldwide, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 600,000 android phones being activated every day, there is no doubt that android phones are popular devices. As robust and globally accepted as the android operating system is, there is room for improvement. Rooting an android phone offers just such an improvement. You may ask, ”why root android phone?”. This article will explore the why root android phones, and the benefits and potential down-sides. Continue reading

How To Root Ice Cream Sandwich The Easy Way

With the second largest percentage of distribution of all Android builds, Ice Cream Sandwich is well supported by the aftermarket community. As a result, those looking for performance upgrades for their Ice Cream Sandwich devices are left with various options. If you’re looking to root Ice Cream Sandwich phones, there are multiple methods you can use. Whether you want an all-in-one software solution, or can handle the process on your own; make sure you know the basics of how to rot Ice Cream Sandwich devices before you start. Once you understand the basic process, you can easily choose the product that best meets your needs. Continue reading

How To Root Gingerbread Easily

With the largest distribution of any android version, android 2.3-2.3.7 also known as Gingerbread is taking its age in stride. Introduced in 2010, the build is now over 2 years old, but still going strong. Because newer android versions often tax the older hardware on previous generation phones, many users prefer to stay with the older operating systems. The obvious downside is that users miss out on some of the new features. This leads many users to seek out how to root gingerbread. Once you root gingerbread, you open your phone up to a world of benefits. You gain access to many of the features found in later OS releases like Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean, without the slow performance associated with running newer operating systems on older hardware. Continue reading

How To Root Android the Easy Way

As the world slowly awakens to the power of android devices, more users are looking for additional customization, and to exploit the true power of various Android operating systems. To gain this type of access, many users are learning to root android devices. While initially a daunting and somewhat risky proposition, we’re going to show you how to root android devices, quickly and easily. Continue reading

How To Jailbreak Android Quickly and Easily

Once you decide you want to jailbreak your android device, you have multiple ways in which you can complete the task. Before you start, you should understand the basic process for how to jailbreak android devices. Once you know the basic procedure to jailbreak android phones, tablets and other devices, you can make an informed decision as to which method will work best for your application and personal skill level. Continue reading

Benefits of Rooting Android

What is rooting, and why would I want to do it?

The term rooting relates back to early UNIX programing lingo that refers to a specific level of file system access. The root of the Unix OS is the base level upon which the rest of the OS is built and runs on. If an administrator had “root” privilege, they could read, write, and execute at will, giving them complete access to the operating system. This brings us to the benefits of rooting android devices. Much like the old UNIX term implies the benefit of rooting android devices is found in the user’s ability manipulate the device at the operating system level. This moves the user from a user to a “super user” with the ability to change features and behaviors of their android device that regular users can only dream of. Continue reading